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Wheel & Tire Services

Wheel &Tire Services

Wheel & Tire Balancing in Toughkenamon, PA

At All About Tires, we only carry the highest quality tire and wheel equipment for tire balancing, alignment, and changing services. That's why we use equipment from Hunter Engineering Company, an industry leader and manufacturer of innovative systems that leave our customers satisfied service after service.

  • Balancing: We provide road force balance services with the best balancing machine on the market: the Hunter Road Force Touch®. With the Road Force Balancer, we can guarantee the best tire balancing services available in Toughkenamon, PA, West Chester, PA, Kennett Square, PA and surrounding areas.
  • Alignment: We use Hunter Alignment equipment during every alignment procedure for precise adjustments and accurate measurements.
  • Changing: For mounting and demounting tires, we use the Hunter Auto34 and Hunter Revolution. Fast and precise, these tire changers allow our technicians to safely swap tires in minutes.

Road Force Balancing

What is Road Force Balancing?

Road force balancing refers to the even distribution of mass in a tire and wheel assembly. While tire balancing measures the imbalances, road force balancing detects the up and down motion of the tire. Road force balancing machines detect bulges and hard spots normally missed by regular tire balancing machines.

Are My Tires Imbalanced?

If there is an imbalance in the tire and wheel assembly, the tire will start to wobble as it rotates. This wobbling causes vibrations that will increase with speed. Ignoring the vibrations the come with tire imbalance can cause abnormal tire wear and put strain on suspension system components.

Why We Use the Hunter Road Force Balancer

Our experienced professionals use intuitive Hunter equipment to identify the position and amount of imbalance in your passenger or light truck tire and wheel assemblies. The Hunter Road Force Touch® uses a type of road test, applying up to 1,250 pounds of force against the rotating assembly. The Smart Weight® Balancing technology helps to improve tire balance by minimizing weight usage and maximizing productivity. Within mere minutes, Hunter Road Force Touch® pinpoints the root of the problem:

  • Wheel imbalance
  • Wheel run-out
  • Force variation of the tire
  • Mounting errors
  • And other issues

The machine then transmits the necessary corrections to a diagnostic screen so our staff can make precise corrections to ensure your wheels are properly balanced.

Our Hunter Road Force balancing equipment will provide an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle. The Hunter Road Force Touch® is guaranteed to perform a tire balance test faster than a traditional balancing equipment. It solves vibration problems, identifies vehicle pulls, ensures proper centering, and eliminates setup errors in order to provide a new car ride to your vehicle.

Don’t risk the wear and performance of your tires on any other auto balancing technology.

The Auto 34 Touchless Tire Changer

When it’s time to have your tires changed, you want the best service available. At All About Tires, we use a state-of-the-art touchless tire changer, ensuring your rims sustain zero damage during the process. Customers in Toughkenamon, PA, West Chester, PA, Kennett Square, PA, and surrounding areas choose our professional tire services because of our touchless tire changing machine.

Our tire changer machine operates with precision every time.

Why We Use a Touchless Tire Changer

  • Touchless tire changers ensure no damage. The toolhead mounts and dismounts even the most stubbornly stuck tire.
  • Since there is no contact to the wheel, your rims withstand no damage.
  • Our tire changer equipment is suitable for nearly all types of tires.
  • The tire change process is quick. Our staff will get you in and out of our shop and back on the road fast!

Our skilled technicians maintain constant control of this powerful machine, and sure the entire process runs smoothly. Our equipment comes standard with LCD monitors that allow our specialists to view the process from the underside of the wheel, making sure the tire changer is operating optimally from all angles.

Why risk damaging your rims during a standard tire rotation? Allow out experts to perform your tire change with our specialized touchless tire changer. Your wheels will be happy you did!

At All About Tires, we only use the best technology when it comes to servicing the vehicles of our customers because our customers deserve the best. Why would you go anywhere else for auto and tire services?

Revolution Tire Changer

The Hunter Revolution Tire Changer handles different types of tires with ease and precision, including low profile tires and run flat tires that pose challenges to traditional tire changing equipment. Never worry about wheel damage again!

Hunter Revolution Tire Changer - Benefits to You

  • Save Time: The Hunter Revolution is a fully automatic tire changer that takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds. That means you get in and out fast.
  • Forget Worry: Afraid of accidental damage to your factory or custom wheels? The Hunter Revolution uses a leverless tool head to demount the tire, preventing tire and rim damage.
  • Save Hassle: The Hunter Revolution handles a variety of tires, so you don't need to shop around for a service center able to handle your standard, low profile, or run flat tires.

When you need to change seasonal tires or install a new tire, visit All About Tires where we use Hunter equipment to provide the very best tire service in Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania.

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