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TPMS Repair & Installation

All About Tires is your TPMS Installation and Repair Headquarters. Contact us today for current pricing or to learn more about TPMS.

TPMS: What is it and what does it do for me?

What is TPMS?

TPMS Repair and Installation in Kennett Square, PA

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It’s a safety system built into your vehicle (or retrofitted) that monitors your tire pressure and alerts you when the pressure in one or more tires falls to an unacceptable level.

Why are underinflated tires such a big deal?

Underinflated tires are susceptible to a variety of problems, from mild (premature wear and increased fuel consumption) to major (tire failure, including tread separation and blowouts). According to Schrader, a leading manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems, underinflated tires wreak a staggering amount of havoc on our nation’s roads and highways, contributing to 250,000 crashes, 33,000 injuries, and 660 deaths every year.

TPMS can have a huge impact on these sobering statistics. The U.S. government believes that once all vehicles are equipped with TPMS, as many as 120 fatalities and 8,500 crash-related injuries could be prevented each year.

TPMS Repair and Installation in Toughkenamon, PA

And there are even more benefits to TPMS. Schrader tells us that underinflated tires waste 3.5 million gallons of gas every single day.³ That’s fuel that could be saved (and money that could stay in drivers’ wallets) if tires were properly inflated. An uninflated tire will also wear more quickly, which can cost you money because the tire may need to be replaced earlier than expected.

How do I know if I have TPMS?

Most passenger cars and light trucks model year 2008 or newer have tire pressure monitoring systems. If your vehicle is TPMS-equipped, a warning light or other display will alert you when one or more of your tires falls below its recommended pressure. Here are a few examples of these displays:

TPMS Repair and Installation in West Chester, PA

There are also aftermarket TPMS systems, which usually have a display that mounts on the vehicle’s dashboard.

I have TPMS — do I still need to check my tire pressure?

Yes. Even with TPMS, it’s still important to check your tire pressure regularly because many systems won’t alert you until a tire is 25% or more below its recommended inflation pressure. The sooner you catch an underinflated tire and return it to the correct pressure, the better.

How do I care for my vehicle’s TPMS?

Servicing a vehicle’s TPMS requires special tools and training. In most cases, each wheel will have a TPMS sensor attached to the valve stem where the air is added. Between this stem and the wheel is a rubber grommet that seals the air inside the tire and protects the sensor from the elements. Just like the rubber valve stem that was replaced at every tire change for years because the weather and other elements caused wear, the rubber grommet needs to be replaced, along with the nut that holds the stem and the nickel-plated valve core in the stem. Moisture and corrosion eat away at the stem, which is why the caps have moisture seals to protect the internal components. It is important to take proper care of these sensors to ensure proper functionality.

Replacing TPMS sensors

TPMS sensors will typically need to be replaced after 5 to 10 years of use, as the sealed batteries wear out. Timing varies due to use, weather conditions, and maintenance. New sensors have to be programmed into the vehicle’s onboard computer system with special equipment, and in most cases there is a charge for this service.

At All About Tires, we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of your tires and TPMS Systems, making sure your tires are always properly inflated, and that any TPMS sensors are properly maintained. Contact us today for more information on TPMS Servicing or installation.


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Images courtesy of Tirebuyer.com

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